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Riding a bike is a great form of exercise as it targets all the muscle fibres that exist inside your legs and is great for your cardiovascular health as well. While many people pay an overwhelming amount of gym fees to ride stationary bikes, there is nothing like doing it outdoors with a bike that actually moves. You can head to long routes with your friends, explore new places or can simply ride it every morning if you are up for losing those few inches off your waist.

However, like other products, buying a new bicycle is not easy, especially in the modern market, as many stores have now upgraded their products to the next level, which are quite expensive and are out of reach for many. This brings my attention towards Awcycles, which is an online store which is always one step ahead of the market and sells the best bicycles at a very reasonable price. Therefore, today we are going to learn more about, their best-selling products, and how did the store become the voice of millions around the UK. So, without wasting any more time, let’s now head to the article.

Store Overview And History

The store initially remained low-key and sold bikes to the locals. But due to their craftsmanship and innovative designs, aw cycles made a place in millions of hearts instantly. Thus, the store decided to provide its services all over the UK with its industry-leading products. Since 1994 the store has made several independent shops that are spread all across the country. Besides having independent stores, the company has a huge showroom which is a two-floor building filled with an overwhelming number of modern-day bikes that you can only dream about, so if you have some trust issues in purchasing products online, you can shop your favourite products physically from their showroom as well.

The store doesn’t only hold expertise in manufacturing bicycles but also manufactures several other products such as Road racing, mountain bikes, E-Bikes, commuters, leisure, children’s bikes, clothing and maintenance accessories related to them. In other words, the store lives and breathes dedication, and they have proven it time and time again since 1994!

Special Deals And Discounts

The store offers free delivery to individuals who reside in the United Kingdom and have placed an order above £25. Apart from this, you can now purchase any item of your choice and can save up to 75% of your money. The store also allows you to return their product in case you are not satisfied with something related to the product. But what I found surprising is that they are offering demo bikes to their customers so that they can try them out and check the quality in advance before placing an order, and it is absolutely free of cost. I haven’t seen a store up till now that lends their products for free to their customers in order to gain their trust. Isn’t that amazing?

5 Best-Sellers Available At Awcycles

Giant Fathom 29 2 Crest Fork Hardtail Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are great for drifting on terrains as they help you in moving comfortably through hard surfaces and help maintain your balance along the way. But this wear and tear takes a toll out of your mountain bike and reduces its life. Whereas the new crest fork mountain bikes are not only resilient but also provide you with the comfort you probably haven’t experienced before. As the bike is equipped with several features and is made up of pure aluminium, which makes your ride really smooth due to its lightweight. Besides this, the cycle has the latest Tektro TKD143 brakes in both tires, along with Giant AM 29 tires that are tubeless and can survive several punctures at one time!

Giant Trance X E+ Pro 29 2 2022 Full Suspension Electric Bike

There are several fine-quality mountain bikes available in the market, but there is nothing like the new full-suspension electric bike that contains the latest Sync Drive Pro motor, which provides greater stability and comfort while you are on your bike. Moreover, the product has several more options, like Fox Float DPS Performance shock absorbers along with Giant AM 29 Tubeless tires, which make it a perfect combination. So, the next time you are on the move with your friends at a place where only mountain bikes can survive, don’t forget to flex with your new fully electric bike.

 Rave men LR500S USB Rechargeable Curved Lens Front Light (500 Lumens)

As I mentioned before that, biking is a great hobby that should be adopted by everyone, but it could also turn out to be the exact opposite if certain measures aren’t taken into consideration, especially if you are cycling at night. Speaking of which, the new curved lens front light could erase all your concerns as the new AW cycles exclusive gives the glare that could glow up an entire street. As the product contains LED light with batteries that could last up to 50 hours of continuous biking. Not only is the light great, but it is resilient to extreme conditions as well due to its anodized aluminium body.

Ion Shelter Rain Jacket

Weather is quite unpredictable and can spoil your adventure in a heartbeat. Imagine going on a biking trip with your friends after spending a ton of money just to come back disappointed. Hence, it is wise to carry all the necessary stuff, just like your Ion shelter rain jacket, which keeps you moving no matter how hard it rains. The jacket is extremely light as well as waterproof, which makes it suitable for you before every ride. Don’t shy off from wearing it in the off-season too, as the jacket is made up of pure polyester, which makes it very breathing regardless of the hot breezes summer throws at you.

3T STEM INTEGRA LTD Carbon 110mm

Gloves are essential before grabbing a bike as they protect your hands from dust and fractures in case of an accident. But most gloves do not provide you with enough room for ventilation, which makes it really uncomfortable while biking. But if I talk about the new carbon 110mm gloves, they are the best possible gloves you can purchase from the market. As they are incredibly durable and protect your hands while keeping you comfortable on your way. In other words, if you want a top-quality bike and its accessories, look no further than awcycles.