Body Piercing Trends in 2023


Body piercing has evolved from a rebellious subculture to a mainstream fashion statement over the years, and 2023 promises to bring new trends and style innovations to the forefront. If you`re someone who adorns themselves with piercings or is considering their first, you`ll want to stay on top of what`s hot and what`s not. BodyJewelry is committed to bringing you the latest and most stylish piercing options. This article will delve into the piercing trends taking the world by storm.




Piercings have never been more popular or diverse than they are today. From ear piercings to more adventurous choices, it`s all about personal expression and creativity. So, what piercing trends can you expect to see this year?


What`s Hot:


1. Curated Ear Collections


The curated ear trend continues to be on fire in 2023. Multiple ear piercings, cartilage piercings, and a combination of hoops and studs offer endless opportunities for creating unique ear stacks. BodyJewelry offers the best-curated selection of jewelry designed to elevate your ear game.

2. Daith Piercings


The Daith piercing, which runs through the innermost cartilage of the ear, is gaining immense popularity this year. People are drawn to this piercing for its aesthetic appeal and the potential to alleviate migraine symptoms. The Ear clicker is a perfect hoop to enhance this piercing`s charm.

3. Navel Piercings


Navel piercings are making a strong comeback in 2023. With various dangle options and unique barbells, it`s a versatile trend that adds a touch of flair to your midriff. The Bellybutton rings collection from BodyJewellery features multiple options to make your style pop.


 4. Smiley Piercings


For those seeking something more subtle and discreet, smiley piercings, which rest inside the upper lip, are increasingly popular. They provide a hidden yet quirky way to express yourself.

5. Gemstone Jewelry


Incorporating gemstones into your piercing jewelry is all the rage. The vibrant colors and elegant styles of gemstone pieces offer an aesthetic appeal that`s hard to resist.


What`s Not:

 1. Septum Clickers


While septum piercings are timeless, the popularity of septum clickers has slightly waned. People are seeking fresh options to express their individuality, making other piercing trends take the forefront.

 2. Basic Nose Studs


Traditional nose studs are giving way to more intricate and stylish pieces. Opt for nose rings with unique designs and gems for a stand-out look.


 3. Overly Ornate Belly Rings


Belly rings with excessive ornamentation are fading away. The trend is now toward minimalist, sleek, and stylish navel jewelry that complements the body`s natural beauty


4. Large Gauge Ear Plugs


While large gauges will always have their enthusiasts, the trend is shifting towards smaller, more delicate plugs that maintain the integrity of your earlobe and offer versatility in style.


 5. Orbital Piercings


Orbital piercings involving two piercings connected by a single piece of jewelry are on the decline. Single piercings with elegant jewelry have become a more refined option.




The beauty of body piercing is that it allows you to merge fashion with personal expression. Trends come and go, but the core concept remains the same – using your body as a canvas to reflect your unique personality. The piercing trends of 2023 capture this essence, combining style and individuality perfectly.


Materials Matter


This year, the materials used for piercing jewelry are as important as the style. As a leading provider of body jewelry, the brand is dedicated to offering you the finest and safest materials for your piercings. They prioritize materials like implant-grade titanium, surgical steel, and biocompatible materials to ensure your comfort and safety.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Choices


The sustainable and eco-friendly movement has extended to the body jewelry industry. As conscientious consumers look for environmentally responsible options, jewelry made from recycled or sustainable materials is gaining prominence.


Bold Statement Pieces


While minimalist jewelry is still in demand, bold and attention-grabbing statement pieces are making a significant comeback in 2023. Whether it`s intricate septum rings, striking daith jewelry, or dazzling earcuffs, embracing statement pieces is an excellent way to express your style.


Customization and Personalization


Personalization has never been more accessible, and it`s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Customized jewelry, from engraved pieces to nameplates, allows you to create a unique connection with your jewelry.


Piercing Care and Hygiene


Finally, maintaining proper piercing care and hygiene remains a timeless trend. Ensuring your piercings stay clean and healthy is of utmost importance. BodyJewellry not only offers jewelry pieces but also offers aftercare products to help you keep your piercings in the best possible condition.


Body piercing trends embrace individuality, style, and environmental commitment. Whether you`re looking to curate your perfect ear stack, experiment with a new piercing, or make a statement with bold jewelry, Body Jewelry has you covered. Explore their extensive collection to stay ahead of the curve in body piercing trends. Your body is your canvas, and your jewelry is your brush—let your creativity shine in 2023 and beyond.