Get Yourself Going With The Best Travel Guides Maps And Travel Books


Travelling is a great hobby as it releases stress, improves your mental health, and is great for exploring various cultures and traditions. But travelling requires deep knowledge and vast experience to select an ideal place that suits you best. That`s why people use travel guides, world maps, and atlases. However, reading a travel guide is challenging. Besides, most travel guides are boring and could consume much of your time if you are not fond of learning through them. Hence, most people ditch following a particular guide and go after the wrong alternatives that could misguide them. This is why, today, I have brought an article for you that is about Stanfords, a well-known store that sells a list of compelling travel books, easy-to-read guides, and maps. We will learn more about Stanfords, their history, and the products that will help you during your journey.

History Of Stanfords

It`s clear that Stanfords didn`t just happen overnight. In fact, the store emerged about 118 years ago, meaning it was established back in 1853 by Edwards Stanford, who himself was an explorer. Edward Stanford was a man with a vision who gained prominence in the era of technological innovation and social upheaval, which is also known as the Victorian age. After getting his store to the heights nobody ever expected, Edward Stanford took retirement from his services and bestowed the honour upon his son, Edwards Stanford II, who carried the goodwill of the store throughout the 20th century.

The most impressive quality about Stanfords is that they have maintained their reputation by holding various informative events for travellers from all over the world, such as Stanford’s Travel Writers Festival at the Destinations Travel Show at Olympia, London, back in 2015, which marked almost 14000 people in attendance including some of the most famous personalities like Simon Armitage, Kate Adie, and Griff Rhys Jones. The festival continued to grow for 2 years, after which it was disbanded. But from 2015 onwards, the company has changed the landscape of the travel industry and is not only an active participant in the market, but they also rule over other rival competitors.

Flexible Purchase Options

Stanfords is known for selling travel guides and stealing the hearts of millions across the globe through their efficient customer service. They have extended their return policy from 14 to 30 days and will also accept faulty goods with a full refund! Isn`t that amazing? You must return the goods within 48 hours if they are faulty. Apart from this, the site also offers goods to be delivered across the globe within a couple of days. Lastly, Stanfords won`t charge you any delivery fee if you purchase goods worth over 35 pounds. It has been quite a while since I last saw a store that gives so much room to its customers besides Stanfords itself!

Featured Products On Stanfords

London`s Hidden Rivers: A Walker`s Guide to the Subterranean Waterways

If you have ever visited London or read other travel guides, you must know that London is the home of an overwhelming number of rivers. Some are visible and usually visited by people from around the world, but many remain hidden under centuries of development. So, to learn more about London and its beautiful rivers, you must purchase the best-selling travel book available at Stanfords.

Scottish Whisky Distilleries Nicolson Map

Maps have existed since ancient times. They were a vital source for navigation in older times. They have been replaced with modern-day technology such as GPS, which guides you to the exact location. Though there are times when GPS doesn`t work or is too vague to advise you on a clear path, that`s where the Nicolson Map steps in. It is made for locating whisky distilleries around the city. Thus, it contains over 150 distilleries listed with precise road mapping, allowing you to navigate efficiently.

The Half-Known Life: Finding Paradise in a Divided World

Pico Iyer is a well-known traveller with vast knowledge about different cultures and places. Hence, the book of the month should be all about her prior experiences of travelling and discovering paradise on earth. From Ethiopia to Tibet, from Belfast to Jerusalem, Pico has spent almost half the century spanning the world alone. If you want to get on a ride with Pico and explore different countries, then the book half-known life is ideal for you.

Stanford`s General Map of the World 1921 Wrap

If your friend is a history geek who loves to read about previous wars or events that have left a mark on the world, don`t stop wrapping his gift with the vintage Stanford general map gift wrap. Which is equipped with a political world map and prominently shows the then newly-independent European nations, Britain`s imperial possessions, and post-WWI League of Nations mandates. I am also impressed by how Stanford has added innovation to a gift wrap.

Marauder`s Map Heat Changing Mug

What`s more exciting than sipping hot coffee from your customized Harry Potter collector cup? That`s right! The brand-new Stanford mug is exclusively made for Harry Potter fans. The mug is featured with Harry Potter Marauder`s map that surprisingly appears after you pour something warm into the cup. Isn`t that magical?

Moreover, the mug comes in basic black and white colours, adding a subtle vintage vibe. However, if you have loved the product description and have made up your mind, I suggest you place an order, as these mugs are limited in quantity, so hurry up! Before it gets too late.